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Elevating your Game

(9th Grade)

Elevate your game with the Performance Booster Package. Share your full game video (1 Video) with Next Level Athletic Advising. Our experts will review your footage, curate your top moments, and craft a dynamic highlight film that showcases your abilities. We will provide guidance on compliance matters, suggest potential ID Clinics for you to consider, and offer personalized recommendations to connect with college coaches.


  • Family conference to review services and create a plan of action.

  • Assist with recruiting profile.

  • Assist with initial and follow up emails to college coaches.

  • Assist with filling out recruiting questionnaires.

  • Review academic information with client (GPA, SAT/ACT scores)

  • Assessment of student’s interests, strengths, skills, academic and extracurricular goals via Next Level Athletic Advising questionnaire

  • Evaluation of athlete’s soccer specific skills through video sent by client.

  • Create and assist with highlight video emphasizing athlete’s strengths to enhance recruiting profile.

  • Advice on which college showcases and ID clinics to attend.

Special additions at an extra cost:  

Small Group Training

One on One Private Training

Video Session Virtual Review

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