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Rise to the Top

(10-12 Grade)

Unleash your potential with the Premier Prospect Package. Send Next Level Athletic Advising your full game video (up to 5 games) for a comprehensive analysis. Our team will carefully select your prime moments, crafting a polished highlight film that magnifies your skills. This package includes social media clips and a recommended posting schedule.


  • Personalized Approach: Provide one-on-one advising to tailor your services to each client's unique goals, skills, and preferences. 

  • Film and Video Breakdown and analysis of players skills and highlights. (Levels of packages increase based on number of video’s) 

  • Regular Check-Ins, Consults: Maintain consistent communication with clients throughout the college recruiting process, providing updates and guidance. 

  • Mentorship: Offer support, answer questions, and provide guidance to clients as they navigate the recruiting journey. 

  • Next Level will create a list of schools based off of client’s player evaluation, geographical preference, academic interests, and soccer program interests. Include in most packages. 

  • Next Level Athletic Advising will contact certain college coaches on behalf of the player via telephone, text, face-to-face, email or other means of communication. # of college coaches contacted will be based on package chosen.

Special additions at an extra cost:  

Small Group Training

One on One Private Training

Video Session Virtual Review

Inquire if interested.​

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